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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Loving my Cheeses !

As I sit here tonight I am thinking about all the cheeses I ordered and received today they are sitting in the fridge. They are the Yummiest and I have to show some restraint.
Tarago Shadows of blue - a blue cheese for Brie lovers ! This cheese has me heading for an early heart attack. It's amazing , so creamy and such a good price at $29.50 a kilo from Two Providores in Marrickvile-
Also I have a lovely Swiss Emental , that will be used on our anti pasta platters along with a mild coopa , shaved proscuito and seedless kalamata olives again all from Two Providores.
Is your mouth watering yet ?
The Wattle Valley double Brie cheese is no second to the South Cape double Brie cheese . I like the Wattle Valley much more.Its a surface ripen white mould cheese has such a creamy texture.Sassy Chef Catering marries this up with the Shadows of Blue and our very own lavish bread to produce a moorish cheese platter seen here in this picture.We up grade to a VIP cheese platter by adding the Fromage d'affinois it's 60% more fat but 60% more heavenly.
Our love for cheese is shown through out our Cocktail menu and next on our prep list tomorrow is the Cherry tomato and Boconcini tarts . Recipe to follow !!
check out he Cocktail menu at

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