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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Engagement party

A lovely party last night in a great house in Randwick. Built for a party we enjoyed it as much as the guests.An engagement for 60 guests.
Yummy Tasmanian smoked salmon on buck wheat blini with avruga caviar kicked off the night. We then set the cheese board with some beautiful south cape cheeses and our homemade lavosh bread.
Spinach, blue cheese and pinenut arancini was accompanied with smoked paprika aioli.Our slow roasting lambs shanks were used to make the pie and finished with creamy mint mash on top.
The hit of the night and bride to be's favorite was the leek and gruyere tart with beet root relish.Second to that was tempura prawns with wasabi aioli crispy crunchy prawns are a sure winner.
Our clients staple on each menu is our mini burger, a great soaking up for the consumed alcohol.
We sent around two substantial meals for the evening and they were the fish and chips with sauces remoulade serve in a bamboo cone. Also our seafood paella which was finished with saffron chilli and salsa verde.
A lovely evening and we now look forward to catering the bridal shower.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beet root relish recipe

Many have been requesting this recipe so we thought we would
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Sassy's Spiced Beetroot Relish –
1kg fresh beetroots (peel and shred matchstick size)
½ kg Castor Sugar
100 ml White Vinegar
150 ml Orange Juice
4 each – Star Anise
50 g Ground Cinnamon (or 2 Broken Cinnamon sticks)
50 G Fresh Kafir lime leaves (optional)
75 g Ground Ginger
Salt & Pepper – to taste
Method –
Boil Sugar, Vinegar and Orange juice to a very soft caramel or until it thickens. Then stir in the shredded Beetroot and aromats. Simmer for at least 1 to 2 hours until it becomes a sweet sticky jam/ relish consistency. NB – If the jam mix is not wet and sticky but dry then add more water and/or sugar to it. If too dry the relish will set very hard !! If too wet then you just have to drain some of the liquid off. Season with salt and pepper at the end –
Yummy !!
This is the recipe we use as an accompaniment for our glazed ham.
Also used on top of the leek and gruyere tart

Saturday, 1 September 2012

1st Day of Spring Wedding

We love a wedding and this one was beautiful.Not only because it was at one of our favorite venues the Vaucluse yacht club but because it well and truly kicked off the start to the Sassy Chef Catering wedding season.
The venue is amazing such a great room , unique walk way of boats suspended by the ceiling. The view is one of the best in Sydney.
The bride and groom choose a simple but sufficient menu. Of course our 5 spiced duck pancakes with orange glaze kicked off the food , the tomato and boccincono tartlets in FILO with salsa verde and balsamic glaze.
The kitchen favorite for the event was by far the spinach blue cheese and pine but arancini. Crumbed coconut chicken with saffron and lemon aioli also.Preserved lemon and lamb koftas dipped in tzaki were drizzled with lamb jus to enhance the flavor.The mini burger is a staple on most our menus and this was with caramelized onion and tomato chutney on a soft roll.
2x 9 kg honey glazed hams with crusty bread rolls and our homemade condiments ensured the party didn't go hungry as they worked up a sweat on the dance floor. If your looking for a great venue to get the party started you can't go past this venue and don't forget to invite us and make sure your. Guests are fed with the finest foods.
The Venue
5 Spiced duck Pancake
Orange glaze
The balcony

The Staff

Tomato and bocconcini tartlet