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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Coogee Minnows Parents Cocktail Party

Back again for another Friday night to Coogee surf-club , this time to entertain the parents of the Coogee Minnows.

100 Mum's and Dad's attended this event.A different style of menu with an Asian influence.
The avocado and vegetable sushi with wasabi , soy and pink ginger. These freshly hand rolled sushi were yummy and quick to go.
An old favorite returned , the Coconut chicken with coriander in a crisp wonton. The confit chicken so moist is such a contrast to the crisp wonton.
Of course not so Asian but always a favorite on the menu the mini beef burger with caramelized onion and spicy tomato chutney giving the burger the kick that it needs.
Pork and fennel sausage rolls with green tomato chutney soak up the flowing alcohol.
The crispy handmade vegetarian spring rolls are complemented with a sweet chili, cashew and peanut dressing.
Finally a popular item of salt and 5 pepper squid with citrus aioli in bio cone bamboo.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Coogee surf life saving club 9th November

Back again to Coogee Surf life saving club.

This time it was a bigger bash than before.We had to feed 170 people and we loved pumping the food out.
We had a new team member in the kitchen tonight. She did us proud as she pushed out the wild mushroom arancini with coriander and cashew nut pesto.The mini beef burgers were on again and the tomato relish that was on the base was the yummiest.

Our chicken Satays that were grilled to perfection and topped with our secret satay sauce were gobbled up and left guests wanting more , which they got.
The tempura prawn that were all individually tempura were finished with a wasabi mayonnaise and lemon wedge. Tasted and looked great and the feedback was great.
Finally our all time favorite was there
on the menu the 5 spiced duck pancake with orange dipping sauce.
A great night , as usual a great venue.
We get to do it all again tomorrow at a different venue!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Coogee Surf club 26th October

It is again so nice to be invited back to cater for previous clients. This time we were invited to a 50th birthday at Coogee Surf Club.
A fantastic menu was chosen to suit this occasion.
We stared the evening with the five spiced duck pancake this has been chosen on every cocktail menu since early feb so it is definitely our most popular canapé.

The prawn and Vietnamese rice paper roll with wasabi dipping sauce went quickly with our waitstaff being swamped by guests.
We always suggest a vegetarian option to clients when choosing a menu . The spinach , blue cheese and pine nut arancini was chosen and it's crisp pangrattata crumb was another clear winner. The pangrattata crumb is made from sourdough and fresh herbs with zest. Again the burgers were on this menu and this time it was the classic beef burger and also the Thai chicken burger with citrus aioli.
Steamed seafood wontons tossed in ginger and mirin dressing is a great option for the more health conscious.
The tandoori lamb cutlets cooked pink and rested perfectly had many guests coming to the kitchen to pay complements.

We served the 5 peppers and salted squid on top of mixed herbs in bamboo cones with lemon dressing.
A small break from the food and plenty of dancing to the live band we set up the honey glazed ham with the homemade condiments for the guests to eat once they worked up there appetite.
What a great night was had by the 110 guests.
We are so happy to say we will be spending most of summer catering at Coogee surf club with weddings , Xmas parties and more birthday parties to come.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sassy Chili and mango chutney

3 large long red chili finely chopped
1 large diced mango
1 finely chopped brown onion
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tin of mango cheeks
30ml mirin
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

De-seed the chili and Finley dice.
Finely dice the onion and mango both fresh and tinned.
Heat the saucepan and add the oil. Sauté the onion until translucent.
Add the brown sugar to the onion and wait until it starts to caramelize.Once it resembles caramel add the mirin, chopped chili and tinned mango.Cook this on a high heat for 3 minutes.
Once the mix resembles a soft consistency add the fresh diced mango and simmer on a low heat for 5 minutes.

This recipe makes approximately 250grams. Once removed off the heat place straight into a jar and seal the jar and refrigerate.

Can be used as an accompaniment to fish , meat , on oysters.
To add a different flavor fold through the chutney coriander or chives.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sugar Cured Ocean trout - Recipe

Sugar Cured Ocean trout
  • 1 Side of Ocean trout, skin off bones out (Approx 1.5kg of fish)
  • 150 gm Maldon sea salt
  • 250gm brown sugar
  • ½ litre of tequila
  • 50 gm pink pepper corns crushed
  • 4 bunched of chopped dill
  • 200gm of grain mustard or mustard seeds
  • 4 lemons zest and juice
  • 3 limes zest and juice
Place the Ocean trout fillet into a deep container. Sprinkle the salt and sugar evenly over the top of the fillet, rubbing the fillet with the mix over both sides.
In a small bowl mix all the other ingredients together. Pour the ingredients over the fillet. Cover the fillet with Glad wrap and place something heavy on top of the fish to weigh it down.
Leave for one day and then turn the fish over. Leave for another day and then your fish should be cured. Wash the liquid off the fish. The Ocean trout should be full of flavour and ready to eat.
Place on a chopping board and with a sharp knife slice the ocean trout. Great  dish with a Rocket leaf salad and glass of wine on a warm summer’s day.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Gorgeous 21st Birthday

A beautiful 21st birthday party in Double Bay tonight. The 90 guests were well fed By Sassy Chef Catering. Jenni and Greg Stone were the perfect hosts for their daughters 21st.They choose a great menu the Vietnamese mint and vegetable rice paper rolls and chili glaze.A crowd favorite of 5 spice Peking duck pancake with chili glaze.Cherry tomato and
Boccinconi tartlets with salsa verde had many guests asking the kitchen for the recipe.The hot food consisted of pumpkin and coriander arrancini with cashew nut pesto.the Mini beef burgers were on the menu of
Course.Perfectly cooked and rested lamb cutlets with Moroccan spiced
And dipping sauce sat on hummus and did not take long to devour. The lamb shank pie with creamed mashed potato was our final dish of the evening.
The party was in full swing when we left and we hope to be
Invited back to this amazing house.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Engagement party

A lovely party last night in a great house in Randwick. Built for a party we enjoyed it as much as the guests.An engagement for 60 guests.
Yummy Tasmanian smoked salmon on buck wheat blini with avruga caviar kicked off the night. We then set the cheese board with some beautiful south cape cheeses and our homemade lavosh bread.
Spinach, blue cheese and pinenut arancini was accompanied with smoked paprika aioli.Our slow roasting lambs shanks were used to make the pie and finished with creamy mint mash on top.
The hit of the night and bride to be's favorite was the leek and gruyere tart with beet root relish.Second to that was tempura prawns with wasabi aioli crispy crunchy prawns are a sure winner.
Our clients staple on each menu is our mini burger, a great soaking up for the consumed alcohol.
We sent around two substantial meals for the evening and they were the fish and chips with sauces remoulade serve in a bamboo cone. Also our seafood paella which was finished with saffron chilli and salsa verde.
A lovely evening and we now look forward to catering the bridal shower.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beet root relish recipe

Many have been requesting this recipe so we thought we would
Share it
Sassy's Spiced Beetroot Relish –
1kg fresh beetroots (peel and shred matchstick size)
½ kg Castor Sugar
100 ml White Vinegar
150 ml Orange Juice
4 each – Star Anise
50 g Ground Cinnamon (or 2 Broken Cinnamon sticks)
50 G Fresh Kafir lime leaves (optional)
75 g Ground Ginger
Salt & Pepper – to taste
Method –
Boil Sugar, Vinegar and Orange juice to a very soft caramel or until it thickens. Then stir in the shredded Beetroot and aromats. Simmer for at least 1 to 2 hours until it becomes a sweet sticky jam/ relish consistency. NB – If the jam mix is not wet and sticky but dry then add more water and/or sugar to it. If too dry the relish will set very hard !! If too wet then you just have to drain some of the liquid off. Season with salt and pepper at the end –
Yummy !!
This is the recipe we use as an accompaniment for our glazed ham.
Also used on top of the leek and gruyere tart

Saturday, 1 September 2012

1st Day of Spring Wedding

We love a wedding and this one was beautiful.Not only because it was at one of our favorite venues the Vaucluse yacht club but because it well and truly kicked off the start to the Sassy Chef Catering wedding season.
The venue is amazing such a great room , unique walk way of boats suspended by the ceiling. The view is one of the best in Sydney.
The bride and groom choose a simple but sufficient menu. Of course our 5 spiced duck pancakes with orange glaze kicked off the food , the tomato and boccincono tartlets in FILO with salsa verde and balsamic glaze.
The kitchen favorite for the event was by far the spinach blue cheese and pine but arancini. Crumbed coconut chicken with saffron and lemon aioli also.Preserved lemon and lamb koftas dipped in tzaki were drizzled with lamb jus to enhance the flavor.The mini burger is a staple on most our menus and this was with caramelized onion and tomato chutney on a soft roll.
2x 9 kg honey glazed hams with crusty bread rolls and our homemade condiments ensured the party didn't go hungry as they worked up a sweat on the dance floor. If your looking for a great venue to get the party started you can't go past this venue and don't forget to invite us and make sure your. Guests are fed with the finest foods.
The Venue
5 Spiced duck Pancake
Orange glaze
The balcony

The Staff

Tomato and bocconcini tartlet

Thursday, 23 August 2012

50 th Wedding Anniversary Dinner

It's always nice to be asked back to a previous customers home to cater for them.
In 2011 we were invited to cater John's 80th birthday for 60 friends and family and this week we went back to cater his and Maureen's 50th wedding anniversary. An intimate dinner for 18 people.
Starting with 3 assorted canapés tomato and boccincono tartlet.Crispy chicken wonton and as requested our famous salt and 5 pepper squid
 For main course the herb and Parmesan crumbed lamb rack on caponata with our rosemary jus.To compliment the main course we served our roasted Garlic mash potato and sautéed green beans.After a much needed break in the meal we finished the dinner with one of our favorites on the desert menu. Our Packham pear tart ta tin with honeycomb ice cream and Orange Blosom fairy floss.
The night was a success and we hope to be Invited back to help celebrate another special occasion for the family.Check our website for our Spring special 3 Course menu. It's perfect for any occasion.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Month of May Dinner Party

Saturday nights dinner party for 26 people in a home in Maroubra was a great success with positive feedback from fans on our Facebook page.
A dinner party for a newly married couple that we had catered their wedding. They had some left over wine from their wedding and wanted to catch up with friends in a relaxed environment.The evening started with 2 Complimentry Canape's

Freshly baked bread rolls

The Menu

Wild Mushroom Risotto with crisp pancetta and  truffle oil
The entree that followed was a wild mushroom risotto with crisp pancetta and truffle oil.We were very generous with the mushrooms I would say it was half risotto half wild mushroom.The pancetta was crisp and salty the way it should be and garnished with shavings of parmesan.

Herb Crusted Lamb Rack on Caponata w/ Rosemary jus.

The main course to follow was Herb crusted lamb rack on caponata with a rosemary jus.The herb crust was made with baked olive bread crumbs , bread made by sassy chef , it was blended with flat leaf parsley.It was held in place on the lamb rack with a mix of honey and Dijon.
The caponata was made in true Italian style. A mix of confit garlic dice of capsicum , red onion , eggplant and tomato sautéed with capers anchovies and olive oil. Just before serving we shredded basil leaf and tossed it through.As for the rosemary jus I can not give all the secrets away except to say it started with a fine veal/beef stock and reduced away with some hidden ingredients along the way.

Panfried Halloumi Cheese w/ stuffed zucchini flowers
 The vegetarian option of panfried Haloumi cheese that is garnished with stuffedzucchini flowers and sits on a bed of spinach with olive tapenade.

Finally the dessert a steamed chocolate pudding with chocolate ganache encasing its light texture. It was placed on top of a warm white chocolate anglaise and finished with a biscotti and dressed with pistachio nut fairy floss.
The dessert was a hit and definitely a sugar hit that swung the dinner party into motion.with the help of the lovely Danielle we had no trouble in delivering the meals as requested. A great way to catch up with friends in a relaxed environment.Make sure you visit our website to see the next special for 3 course dinners coming to warm your belly in June .
Steamed Chocolate pudding w/ chocolate ganash , White Chocolate anglaise and pistacio nut fairy floss

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tonight's Cocktail Party

2 days of preparation for this Cocktail party of 50 people.Set in a beautiful home in Kensington the house was decorated so beautifully with , candles and flowers everywhere.I knew the food would compliment such an elegant night.

What's on the menu?
Vegetarian rice paper rolls - these are hand rolled and filled with silken tofu and mint. A yummy sweet soy dipping sauce to compliment these delicate canapé.
Chinese five spice pancake with Peking duck hoisin cucumber and green shallots , served on a ceramic spoon with an orange and star anise glaze.

The tomato and baby boconcini filo tartlets will be finished with a beetroot chutney , these are served slightly warm and have some amazing flavours that make this vegetarian option.

Tomato and baby bocconcini tartlets with beetroot and lime relish

Our 5 pepper squid is cooked to perfection and we have so much positive feedback from the guests with people asking how we get the squid so tender.The dipping sauce we use for the squid is a lime aioli we make from scratch , it has tablespoons of lime zest through the aioli.

Our hit tonight was undoubtably the lamb shank pies w / creamy mashed potato , a perfect winter warmer. Such positive feedback about this new cocktail item , there a stayer.

Also up there with the pies was our true favourite and every parties favourite , the Beef burger the onion jam and soft rolls.
All in all the night was a sucess with alot of happy guests asking for business cards and raving about the food and the lovely service from our gorgeous waitress Emily.