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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sassy Chili and mango chutney

3 large long red chili finely chopped
1 large diced mango
1 finely chopped brown onion
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tin of mango cheeks
30ml mirin
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

De-seed the chili and Finley dice.
Finely dice the onion and mango both fresh and tinned.
Heat the saucepan and add the oil. Sauté the onion until translucent.
Add the brown sugar to the onion and wait until it starts to caramelize.Once it resembles caramel add the mirin, chopped chili and tinned mango.Cook this on a high heat for 3 minutes.
Once the mix resembles a soft consistency add the fresh diced mango and simmer on a low heat for 5 minutes.

This recipe makes approximately 250grams. Once removed off the heat place straight into a jar and seal the jar and refrigerate.

Can be used as an accompaniment to fish , meat , on oysters.
To add a different flavor fold through the chutney coriander or chives.

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