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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Heaven in a Bottle

When we took a short break to Orange NSW for this years food festival I picked up a jar of mustard , but not just any mustard
Heaven in a bottle-Chilli and Lime seeded mustard made by Lime Grove , Narromine
I picked it up in a shop called- totally local and it was a great find.I have been using it like crazy in nearly everything I have been cooking.I have made a yummy vinegrette for a spinach proscuitto and advocado salad.I am using it to marinade my lamb shanks for our lamb shank pie.It goes great on a sour dough with shaved leg ham and my favourite oven dried tomatoes.
Lets just say I am an addict and because it is a 4 hour drive back to Orange or 5 hours if I am driving.I had decided to see if I can reproduce it.
So luckily for my dry goods supplier I over ordered on the mustard seeds last month.Limes are quite cheap at the moment and I always seem to have an endless supply of chilli.I have just spent the day trying to replicate it and put a Sassy chef spin on it by upping the anti with the chilli and using not only lime pulp but also the zest.
Delish in a bottle it could be known as because it is spectacular.
So now I have my own piece of delish in a bottle here is how I will be using it
Mustoli -place a tablespoon of it into 500ml of freshly made mayonnaise and drizzle it all over your fish and chips.
Next week I will serve it at a cocktail party.At the end of the night to soak up the Alcohol they are having a glazed ham.
So I will use it in the glaze-
750ml Orange Juice
5 Star Anise
3 Cinammon Quill
3 tblsp of Delish in a bottle
3 Lime leaves
200gm fresh pineapple diced
Reduce the ingredients in a pan by 1/2.
Score a deboned Ham and place in a oven on 180C.Continue to baste and cook for 1 hour 20 minutes.
The Flavours will amaze you.

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